Where does the roulette ball land in most cases?

As we have seen, there are mainly 6 landing points where the ball will most likely going to land.
But, that is based on previous spins and the fact, where the certain neighbour landed before on this table.

Letś take a closer look!

If you see for example numbers: 12, 2, 34, 8, 35, 4, 27….

Now lets say nr. 12 was the last number that hit, so we also see that the number from the same neighbour nr.35 went to 8 when counting back yes?

So at this point we can predict that nr. 12 will also hit neighbours near nr.8 yes?
If it was this simple then it was a good playing method and we all will get rich, but hold on! The truth is, actually the ball can hit the 6 different landing points in most cases from now.

Here are the 6 main landing points in this case for nr.12

1. 8 and the closest neighbours 23,30

2. 12 and the closest neighbours 35,28

3. 12 pockets from the 8 neighbours CClockwise – 4 and the closest neighbours 21,19

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4. 12 pockets from 8 neighbours Clockwise – 22 and the closest neighbours 9.18

5. 12 pockets from the 12 neighbours CClockwise – 16 and the closest neighbours 33,24

6. 12 pockets from the 12 neighbours Clockwise – 17 and the closest neighbours 25,34.

How to make profit?

So, as you see there is a 6 different possibilities for the ball to land. To make some profit you should cover only 3 numbers from each neighbour not 5 as usually played in the real casino.

But if you want to dig a little deeper then there is a much higher profitable method that can improve your roulette play 98%!

Number Groups!

As we have seen, there is a certain number groups that appear together in a certain time frame during the play. The groups are in different sizes from 2 to 12. We are focusing on the group that has 6 numbers involved.

This method requires you to be patient and bet only if you see the conditions are good for you, see more info about that method here..

This method is our favourite because when you know what you have to do, there is only some waiting and to place the bets is very simple, and you only covering 6 numbers and continue betting until some of these numbers will hit…normally it hits in 1-5 spins!

This method works also in American roulette tables, as a funny fact we discovered this method also in US, Nevada where we played Live Roulette.

But as you wish to play online, we recomend to start with Immersive Roulette table, because you have enough time to place your bets because of the spin reveiew which is common at Immersive Roulette.