Profit Sharing

We are offering profit sharing service, where we play at our casino account using our best techniques and timing.


1. We only play at (Because at this service we are using our live method and therefore its easier for us to see all tables open there at the same time, so is therefore the best option for profit share service).

2.Installment should be at least 500€, but 1000€ much better.

3. You should have wallets at Neteller or Skrill (For faster transfers).

After each session we share the profit made on each day 50% – 50%.


1000€ bankroll = 4500€ in 1 session ( I play 1 session per day).

4500€ -1000€ = 3500€ (Profit)

We share the profit 50% – 50% (1750€ for each).

In this service we are using only our best techniques and the right timing when to enter the table.


Our Neteller –

We are playing at: